Fire System Priming Pump Replacement in Strathfield

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The strata manager of a complex in Strathfield contacted GSM Plumbing for a faulty fire priming pump. Many strata complexes have a fire system for the building with an automatic priming pump, designed to provide water quickly to contain and extinguish an unexpected fire.

A faulty priming pump can easily delay water delivery, potentially resulting in unnecessary injuries and damage in the event of a fire. After discussing our strata plumbing expertise and the work involved in this project, the strata team brought on board GSM Plumbing to replace the fire priming pump.


The malfunctioning priming pump was located in a confined space, making the replacement job a little less straightforward than usual. It also required a very good understanding of the fire system in the building to ensure that when the system was isolated, the water for the entire building wasn’t inadvertently turned off.

The job itself warranted multiple levels of approval with safety and government authorities along with building management. It was a tough job, but our plumbers were up to the task from start to finish


GSM Plumbing brought on board an experienced fire engineer to isolate the board so that a warning signal was not sent to any emergency services during the maintenance process.

While other plumbers may have taken the easy route and turned off the water mains, we were able to replace the pump without turning off the supply to the building. This was an achievement as it could have been a big inconvenience to the large number of building occupants.


The strata needed an efficient solution that could be done quickly without disrupting the building’s occupants. Through comprehensive planning, we were able to replace the faulty priming pump and checked all connections to prevent any future water delivery delays. We also made sure the entire fire system was compliant with safety regulations, so the building has no issues.

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Greg Murray

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