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We install and repair hot water systems. 24/7 emergency plumber. Quality guaranteed.

Hot Water System Installation

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If you need a reliable plumber for your hot water system installation, GSM Plumbing works with all types of hot water systems, from gas hot water systems to solar water systems, suited to any of our customer's needs.

24/7 Hot Water repairs

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When the unexpected happens, and you're in need of a hot water system repair or replacement, we provide the service of a 24hr plumber Hills District residents can rely on, for after hours plumbing emergencies.

Local Hills District Hot Water Repairs

Our local plumbers provide a convenient service with no call-out fee during business hours. Contact our hot water specialists today for hot water repairs in Castle Hill and the Hills District, Sydney.

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Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu
22 October 2023
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We lived in Castle Hill for many years, and it has always been challenging to find a good and reliable local plumber until we met Greg. Greg is knowledgeable and easy to deal with. More importantly, unlike other plumbers who try to rip you off or take advantage of the situation, Greg's prices are very competitive compared to similar work. Greg is our number 1 go-to man in the Hills District.
saurabh anand
saurabh anand
21 October 2023
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Been using Greg since 2008. Honest guy and professional and very affordable. Always does the right thing and never tries to overcharge and does a fantastic job. Highly recommend.
Kathryn Bowie
Kathryn Bowie
26 March 2023
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Very helpful and prompt. Always reliable, friendly and go out of their way to help. I would recommend them to anyone needing a reliable plumber.
Red Herring
Red Herring
13 March 2023
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I've found the best plumber in town! Greg was so amazing I almost invited him over for dinner!
13 February 2023
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Greg came out to look at my stormwater drainage issues today, only an hour after I called, was very helpful, professional and genuinely interested in working with me to find a cost effective and effective solution to my issues. He advised a possible solution that would both solve my issue and save money. Thanks Greg, look forward to working with you in the next few weeks to solve my drainage issues.
Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn
2 February 2023
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Greg and his team when called and offered prompt and professional service to repair and restore all Flexi hoses and install taps quickly after a major flooding drama. No job too small and always helpful.
Christian Romanski
Christian Romanski
20 December 2022
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Service was fantastic. I rung Greg for an issue with a hot water system and within minutes a plumber was sent. From time of call to the job complete was wo hours. Highly recommended!!!! Would definitely recommend and use again!!!
nikhil maheshwari
nikhil maheshwari
10 October 2022
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I called GSM plumbing to discuss the stormwater drainage needs. Greg was quick to come over and explained the proposed plan in depth. He also went to the lengths of explaining how I should plan the different ongoing renovations to save time & money overall. I found him very honest and direct and will surely book him for any future plumbing work. Good bloke.

Hot Water System Brands we Service and Install

At GSM Plumbing, we supply, install and service any of these leading hot water heater systems brands.

rheem (2)
thermann (2)
rinnai (2)
vulcan (2)
bosch (2)

Why Choose GSM Plumbing for Your Hot Water?

Our plumbers specialise in gas, solar & electric hot water systems

Our licensed and insured plumbers specialise in hot water system repairs for gas, solar and electric hot water systems.

24-Hour Hot Water Emergency Services

A plumbing emergency can happen at any time. We are available 24/7 for any of your hot water emergencies.

Fixed and Upfront Pricing

Our prices are upfront and transparent. We have reasonable fixed hourly pricing, with a free inspection and quote before we begin any work.

All Major hot water system brands

We supply, install and service all the major hot water system brands that are known for long-lasting quality including: Rheem, Thermann, Vulcan, Rinnai, Bosch, and Dux.

Types of Hot Water Systems we Install

GSM Plumbing is your hot water specialist. We conveniently provide a hot water service with a variety of common conventional hot water systems to suit your needs.

no hot water

Electric hot water systems

Electric water heaters heat the water inside the hot water tank, which vary in size. We provide electric hot water heater repairs and installation.

Gas plumber

Gas hot water systems

Gas hot water heaters use a gas burner to heat the hot water tank which is usually smaller in size. They tend to be more energy-efficient. GSM Plumbing is your local plumber for gas hot water system installation.

solar panels used to heat water on a roof

Solar hot water systems

A solar hot water system is eco-friendly and can reduce your electricity bill. Solar hot water systems are run from the solar panels on your roof. GSM Plumbing are experts in solar hot water system installation.

Suburbs We Service

Bella Vista
Castle Hill
Box Hill
Beaumont Hills

Baulkham Hills

North Rocks
Rouse Hill
Winston Hills
Stanhope Gardens
Seven Hills
West Pennant Hills

Hot Water System Installation

A hot water system is an important part of your home, providing hot showers and hot water for washing dishes or laundry. It is vital to have your hot water installed by a reliable plumber. For over 25 years, GSM Plumbing has been the trusted brand for residential and commercial customers.
We provide leading brands and have qualified professionals that can install and service various systems. Our pricing is upfront and honest for any of the work we do from start to finish, with no hidden costs. We are committed to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Contact GSM Plumbing for quality hot water system installation services in the Hills District.

castle hill plumbing
Gas Plumber Castle Hill

Hot Water Repair

If you are looking for a hot water repair service that is reliable and experienced, then look no further than GSM Plumbing. We offer a complete repair and installation service including gas water heaters, electric or solar hot water.

GSM Plumbing is licensed and insured for repairs of any hot water unit. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We have been servicing hot water systems for over 25 years, providing quality workmanship with no callout fee during business hours.

If you are located in Castle Hill or the Hills District Sydney and need hot water services from a trusted, reliable plumber, then call GSM Plumbing today.

Emergency Hot Water System Replacement or Repair

A hot water emergency can happen at any time, day or night, causing inconvenience and stress. GSM Plumbing offers a complete emergency hot water system replacement or repair service for both residential and commercial customers. We have skilled experts that can replace or repair any hot water system.

We are available to assist you with your hot water emergency. We come out quickly to inspect and assist you by repairing or replacing your hot water system. For a fast and reliable Hills District 24 hr plumber, contact GSM Plumbing today.

Hot Water System Maintenance

Hot water system maintenance is important to keep your hot water running efficiently. Regular maintenance can help prevent any problems with your hot water system and avoid costly repairs in the future.

If your hot water system is located inside your house, regular maintenance is even more vital, as a hot water leak that requires repairs or replacement can also damage your walls and flooring.
Our licensed plumbers can provide a hot water system maintenance service that is convenient and affordable. For hot water plumbing maintenance contact GSM Plumbing today.

Common signs of a faulty water heating unit

The common signs to look out for in the event of a faulty water heating unit can vary. If you have a hot water system that is older than 10 years it may be time to replace it.

Low or no Hot Water pressure

When you try to wash your hair, nothing is more frustrating than low water pressure or no hot water pressure. This can be a sign of a failing hot water heater that may need repair or replacement.

Insufficient Hot Water Temperature

If you do not have a consistent hot water temperature when using taps or your shower, this can be a sign that you have a faulty hot water system that needs a plumber's attention.

Hot Water System Leaks

Leaking hot water tanks are usually due to rust in the tank. Hot water leaks can be difficult to detect. If you suspect a hot water leak, check your meter for high usage and contact a plumber.

Unusual Sounds from the Hot Water System

Hot water heaters are usually quiet when they are working well. If you hear strange sounds from your system, it could be a build-up of sediments that need flushing out by a plumber to avoid damage.

Thinking of updating your hot water system in the Hills District?

There are many hot water systems available to suit your needs. Call GSM Plumbing today

4 Steps to check your hot water system

There are 4 steps you can take to ensure your hot water heater is working properly. A licensed and insured plumber can also diagnose and fix the problem.

Is there is any water flow from taps?

If there is no hot water coming out of the taps, check to see if there is any cold water. If the cold water is working then check the isolation valve on your hot water heater. It is usually a red or yellow handle. If the valve is switched off, turn it back on. If you have an electric water system, check the fuse box to see if it is working.

If there is no hot or cold water from taps, check the main meter

If there is no hot or cold water from any of the taps, check the main meter to see if the valve is on. If there is only one tap with no water, then check if the isolation valve is switched on. If hot water is coming out of the taps but there is no hot water pressure, this could be due to sediment build-up in your hot water heater.

Are there any leaks from your hot water system?

If you notice water leaks coming from your hot water system - especially if there is excessive water, then you should get it checked by a professional. If there is water pooling at the bottom of the water tank, close the tap supplying water and have a plumber inspect it.

Check temperature settings if the water isn't hot enough

If the temperature of your hot water isn't hot enough, you may need to check the temperature settings on your hot water heater. After checking the temperature settings, adjust the thermostat on your electric hot water system and allow an hour to see if the water adjusts to a good temperature.

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Our plumbers will install your new hot water system quickly and efficiently

Our plumbers are reliable and show up on time. They have experience with all types of hot water systems and will have your new hot water system up and running in no time. Contact GSM Plumbing to discuss your plumbing needs today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if there is no hot water?

If there is no hot water coming out of your taps, you may be experiencing problems with your electric water system. Check that the fuse box is working properly. If the cold water is working from your taps, check the isolation valve on your hot water heater. If you have an older hot water tank, it may be time to replace it. Contact our experienced plumbers to find the source of the problem and for an obligation-free quote to fix it.

Why do we need a plumber for our hot water system?

For hot water to flow from the taps, tanks must be pressurised with hot water through a heating element known as a burner. A plumber can help you choose a tank that best suits your needs. A professional service can also replace hot water tanks, install hot water systems and hot water heaters if required.

Do you replace or repair strata complex or commercial hot water systems?

GSM plumbing offers commercial plumbing expertise in fixing strata complex hot water systems. We understand the importance of having a hot water system that is reliable and functioning at all times for all units or offices. All our plumbers are experienced in all types of hot water systems. Contact us today to arrange an inspection of your strata hot water plumbing system.

What is the cost of repair or replacement of our hot water system?

GSM plumbing offers hot water repair and installation in Sydney. We have qualified plumbers who can assist you in getting your hot water system up and running again. Our pricing is based on fixed hourly rates and varies based on when you contact us during business hours, after hours, on weekends, or in the event of an emergency. Contact us for a free inspection and quote.

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