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Civil Plumbing Services

We help property owners and developers with on site detention systems and stormwater plumbing and drainage. We're experienced at constructing stormwater systems to your engineer’s specifications – meeting council and subdivision requirements throughout Castle Hill and Sydney.

Civil Plumbing

Sewer, Water, Gas Connections & Construction

From sewer peg outs, water tap ins and construction to maintenance, we can help you to install external and internal mains water, sewage pipes, sewer gullies, vents, inspection points, gas pipes, gas meters to connect your property to the town water, waste-water and gas systems. We can also handle concrete sewer encasement and piering.

Subsoil drainage

Subsoil Drainage

For properties with poor drainage, runoff, levelling or rising damp, we can help drain water through effective subsoil drainage. This could include underground drainage pipes, re-levelling your property, additional drainage points and more

Storm Water Drainage & Plumbing

Our team can help you with the stormwater drainage and plumbing for your property construction or subdivision. We're able to build and install On Site Detention (OSD) systems, OSD pits, tanks, basins, as well as the associated inter-allotment drainage and levels to ensure that rainwater efficiently drains from your property or site and prevents pooling in back or front yards. Meeting all local regulations, our stormwater drainage experts are accurate and professional, and can work alongside other trades if required.

Stormwater Pit
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OSD Basin

Subsoil Drainage

Subsoil drainage is necessary to prevent water damage to homes or buildings, particularly in areas where ground levels have been poorly designed or built and don't allow for adequate run off. This could cause pools of water to stagnate in specific areas. GSM Plumbing can install underground drainage systems comprising of sinks, porous drain pipes, and pits. We can also re-level the land to channel water out of your property correctly. This will provide effective water drainage to eliminate moisture build up below ground.

Sewer, Water and Gas Connections

For new homes and developments, we work with builders, owners and developers to complete the external plumbing and connections for water, sewer and gas. We can help you liaise with service providers for authorisation and connection applications to speed the process up as well as organise mandatory inspections by Sydney Water and the department of fair trading. As a licenced gas plumber, we can help connect your property to your local gas network as well.

Your Trusted Partner for Civil Plumbing and Drainage in Sydney

Licensed Plumbers, Drainers, and Gas Fitters

Our plumbers, gas fitters and drainers are qualified and licensed to deliver a safe and guaranteed job for your civil plumbing needs.

High Standards of Quality, Safety & Environmentally Friendly Services

We follow the highest standards of safety, quality and environmentally friendly services for the benefit of the ecosystem and the local community.

Customised Project Planning For Your Site

We can customise any project to the specific needs of your construction site, closely working with your engineers and planners to deliver a successful outcome.

What our Clients Say

"Greg and his boy did very good job for us to fix our cracked pipes. Very responsible and highly efficient. And also incredibly patient and nice to explain the things they were doing to me. Although I don’t want to have plumbing issues in the future, but if there’s, I will definitely go to them again."

Jane Wang

"GSM Plumbing helped me install the plumbing for my bathroom renovation. It was a tricky job in a tight space and with a fussy customer! Overall great communication and customer service. Took the job at short notice, arrived on time and did tidy work. Would recommend to anyone else in need of a top-notch plumber!"

Chris Chia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Civil Plumbing?

Civil plumbing involves more comprehensive plumbing jobs like gas and sewer connections, subsoil drainage, stormwater and hydraulic plumbing, drainage installations, urban irrigation, landscape drainage, new development drainage, inter allotment drainage and more. This type of work is specialised and requires the expertise of civil plumbing professionals like GSM Plumbing.

Assisting property developers, strata managers and residential homeowners, we deliver solutions for small residential development projects or existing drainage issues. Civil plumbing projects come with special requirements to minimise interference to surrounding neighbours and the local community. And for this reason, we offer flexible plumbing services for your home or construction project in the Hills District and across Sydney.

Why should I consider subsoil drainage?

The damage caused by stormwater rain-offs can be significant on local vegetation and property structures. Subsoil drainage is designed to drain excess water from the ground and surrounding buildings. Reducing excess water strengthens the health of the soil over time, which means healthier grass and plants. It also protects the structural integrity of local houses, walls and buildings

How can GSM Plumbing help me?

GSM Plumbing is experienced at working with property developers and owners on smaller development projects. We seamlessly work around builders, making sure the job is completed successfully and professionally. We offer a guarantee for all our civil plumbing work, and are available 24/7 to assist in case of an emergency.

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