Stormwater and Sewer Project for New Home in Turramurra



Our client, Luke, was building his own home in Turramurra and needed stormwater, sewer and rainwater connections. The objective of the rainwater tank was to collect rainwater for purposes like watering the lawn and flushing toilets to reduce reliance on the town’s main water supply. As Luke was an owner builder, he already had his architectural plans.

After the initial consultation and a physical walk-through, GSM Plumbing was brought on board during the construction phase to complete the stormwater, sewer and rainwater tank installation.


The property was on built on Sandstone, which made demolition, excavation and foundations a little more difficult for the stormwater and sewer connections. The on-site plumbing, drainage and main home structure needed to be constructed simultaneously. This involved coordinating between the schedules of multiple tradesmen and contractors.

In addition, the unique building design of the home made some of the connections a little trickier to plan, but GSM Plumbing is an experienced stormwater drainage contractor with a specialist team that was up to the task.


GSM Plumbing was able to find a cost-effective solution to ensure the internal plumbing for the house was completed correctly without any issues.

We were able to install the stormwater and sewer connections as well as rainwater tanks without disrupting the main home construction process, seamlessly coordinating our schedules with Luke and his building team.


As a local plumber with over 25 years of experience across multiple areas of residential, commercial and civil plumbing, GSM Plumbing was able to deliver a cost-effective result with minimal disruption to the house construction.

Luke’s new home is now complete with high-quality stormwater, sewer and rainwater connections – reducing the risk of any flooding or water overflow in the future. He was also able to get his occupancy certificate from the Ku-ring-gai Council after construction without any complications.

If you are looking for a civil plumber who can help you with everything from design and planning to construction and approvals, GSM Plumbing has you covered.

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Greg Murray

Greg Murray

Greg Murray is the owner of GSM plumbing and has over 25 years' experience in plumbing and drainage. Whether you've got water leaks, blocked pipes, or need help constructing or maintaining a drainage system, Greg and his team are here to help. Find out more about GSM Plumbing.

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