Subsoil Drainage Work for Strata Complex in Rosehill



The owners of a block of 10 strata units in Rosehill were facing a problem where the main driveway was starting to show signs of significant cracking. Our team went over to the apartment block to inspect the issue. After consulting with our Castle Hill plumbing specialists, the owners had a better picture of how best to proceed.


Upon inspection, it became clear that water around and under the main driveway was not properly draining because of the slope away from the road. This caused water to pool against the foundations of the building, resulting in cracking on both the driveway and the building walls. Left unchecked, this could have resulted in severe structural damage to the building, making it unsafe for all residents.


The owners needed to install a subsoil drainage system, which would channel water away from the foundation. GSM Plumbing team came up with a solution that involved adding drains all around the building. They were dug down at 1.2m to lower the water table and make drainage more effective. We also added drainpipes and pits to redirect water onto the street and away from the main building structure, which has worked seamlessly.


The subsoil drainage system has done wonders for this block of apartments. By redirecting water away and reducing the risk of foundation damage dramatically, residents and the building owners can now rest easy knowing the property is safe. There is no longer a threat of subsoil water build-up anywhere near the structure, which has also brought down building maintenance costs for the owners.

From stormwater and sewer to subsoil drainage, the civil plumbing team at GSM Plumbing is highly experienced at making sure your project is completed on time and on budget. We even provide 24/7 emergency plumbing for issues that cannot wait until the next day.

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Greg Murray

Greg Murray

Greg Murray is the owner of GSM plumbing and has over 25 years' experience in plumbing and drainage. Whether you've got water leaks, blocked pipes, or need help constructing or maintaining a drainage system, Greg and his team are here to help. Find out more about GSM Plumbing.

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